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Name: Kurt
Pronouns: He/him
Gender: Male
Info: Hello there! My name's Kurt, I'm a 15 year old, ftm male. If you ever saw me in real life you'd probably never guess this is my website. Irl my style is real punk, emo, grunge, or goth tepending on the day, but I guess I've always had a soft spot for pastels. Part of me has always wanted to dress fairykei, but it's pretty hard to change on a dime when all your clothes are black xD.

I want to make this into a place where I can put my pixel art. The furby down there next to the grapefruit (my favorite fruit) is my art, everything else on this page belongs to the artists listed under resources! Show them some love, their art is amazing!

!!!Please follow my instagram account for some more of my art!!!


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My art